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NAME: Mercy. AGE: 24 Pansexual.
Over emotional.
Highly Attachable.
Severally devastatable.
Mildly friendly.
Drastically alone.

Wanna know something?
Wanna share?

So I have put off IWR *interview with Robin* for a while because my muse has just flat out left me. I am sad to say it but writing it got to be just too hard.

Then I get on my email and see some one has found it again and read it. Not only did they favorite it, they felt the need to leave me this:

WOW! You are an AWESOME writer! I think you have a career in novels
ahead of you! Really just flat out AMAZING! (Whelming tee hee!) :)

Okay. That ^ is the kind of shit that makes my day. I get all smily and stupid and Just want to dance. So I think it might be time to break IWR back out. How ever this means I have to track down Robin….

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